Managing article visibility

Managing your article's visibility in Guides is simple and easy when you are writing your articles.

By default when you begin writing a new article it will be in an unpublished state. When you save an article it will keep the existing setting whether it is already been published or still unpublished.


When you make a change to an a published article it will be in stored in the revisions as a draft and will not be live until you publish it.

You can see that an article is a draft in the category listing and when viewing an article. As soon as you publish the article these notifications will dissappear.


When you are ready for your article to go live on your site you will need to publish it. When viewing an article locate the published toggle and click the yes button or simply hit the publish button.


In the same way as you published an article you can easily unpublish if you change your mind or need to make changes and take it out of being publicly visible. To unpublish simply click the no button on the published toggle.

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